Confident City Cycling class in Millvale

Confident City Cycling
Saturday April 25th. 10am-1pm
518/520 Grant Avenue

Registration can be completed here. (Millvale Residents can register for FREE using the promotional code “MillvaleByBike”)

The class is intended for riders who know how to ride a bike, and are looking for instruction on how to operate it safely on city streets.  These mobile classes meet monthly from April to October in different neighborhoods around the city. They’re structured to give participants education and experience navigating different traffic patterns, road hazards and various types of bike infrastructure.

We begin the class next to our bikes, not one them. Exciting right? Here we set expectations for the class and highlight the specific skills we’d like to take away. Next, we learn how to properly fit their helmet and perform basic bike maintenance. Following this, we move to a traffic-free parking lot to practice of new skills, like: body bike separation, brake modulation, weight distribution, and quick hazard avoidance. When we’re ready, we break up into smaller groups to go out on a group ride. During the ride we practice strategies for crossing big intersections, riding on fast roads, and reading traffic patterns and road conditions. We have some fun exploring, too. Finally, we come back as a group for an open Q & A and practice with one of the Port Authority’s practice bus racks.

Confident City Cycling is a class intended for participants ages 15 and up.


early 2015 report

Although we have not yet obtained a contract to apply the 90+ thermoplastic sharrows along the designated bike route through Millvale, we have been assured that the funds to complete the job will be available for at least 6 months more. The problem was that no companies bid late last year, and our funders understand that.  Bids for completion of the project will be sought again soon.  Once the sharrow bids are finalized, the committee will decide on signage along the route.

The Bike PGH safety class will be held April 25, 2015, in the Gap Park at 518 Grant St. in Millvale. The event is open to all through Bike Pittsburgh. Millvale residents will be issued free tickets.  Further information will be provided here when available.

The next meeting will be at 6PM on Thursday, April 23 in the Millvale Borough Building, 501 Lincoln Ave. Millvale, PA 15209.