Millvale Town Square Community Presentation

Join us on Wednesday, July 30th, 6pm at the Millvale Community Center to learn about the work done to date, and break out to work on some key questions and project ideas for Millvale.

Refreshments and snacks will be provided by the Millvale Borough Development Corporation.

In case you couldn’t make it out last time, here is an article on the project kickoff event:

Hope to see you there!


Monthly meeting on 7/24

The Committee spent a lot of time discussing installation of sharrows on the designated route through Millvale.  We may have sufficient money to afford thermoplastic, rather than painted, sharrows.  An intern with the Borough has been investigating this, and Ed will present the report to the Committee.  Joe and Tom will give a report to the Millvale Borough Council in August on the Committee’s recent progress.  We plan to make a recommendation to the Council soon so that the road marking work can begin before winter weather.  We also discussed possible signs for along the road.  Arrangements for signs will be done separately from the street markings.

Another pressing matter is arranging bike safety classes.  The Committee is discussing a contract with BikePGH to conduct the classes.  We discussed presenting the classes during Millvale Days in mid-September.  We also talked about advertising for the classes so that the 12 slots are filled.

Meeting about Millvale’s Future

There is a very important meeting and gathering about the future of Millvale. It will take place on Mon, July 14th at 6pm at the Grant Avenue Pocket Park (corner of Grant and North Aves.) and will feature food, drinks, music, and most pressingly – discussion and input collecting from people with regards to the master plan and the specific plans for the corner building. This invitation is extended to ANYONE who is interested in getting involved with the coolest little place I know of.  regards, **Joe**