A productive MBBPC meeting on 6/26

Among the highlights of the meeting:

  • the 4th Thursday at 6 PM is now our meeting time, so the next meeting occurs on July 24.
  • the Committee determined that all relevant documents and materials will be made available on this blog.  I will begin to upload them soon.

Primary Millvale biking route

The MBBPC determined that the obvious route- Grant Ave. to North Ave. to Evergreen Ave.- is the best bike route through Millvale. The newly established Bike Route Planning sub committee will begin to work with the Borough to determine how best to mark the route.

MBBPC_ proposed_route_061614

June MBBPC meeting

The June meeting of the Millvale Borough Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee will be at 6 PM on Thursday, June 26, at the Millvale Borough Building, 501 Lincoln Ave. Millvale, PA 15209.

We’re searching for a Millvale resident to become a voting member of the MBBPC Board.  It isn’t necessary for the person to be a bicyclist; in fact, the ideal person might be someone who walks around Millvale a lot- even better if they don’t have a car.  Pedestrians have different issues than bicyclists, so that would be a good addition to the board.  If you have anyone in mind, please let us know (jfmclaugh at gmail.com).

June meeting date TBD

Sorry for the inconvenience-  we are working out some procedural problems, then hopefully things will fall in line.  The meeting is NOT going to be on 6/19; in fact it won’t occur before the week of 6/23.  As soon as the time is set it will be posted here.  Thanks for your patience.