Our Mission

The Millvale Borough Bike/Pedestrian Committee (MBBPC) was established in response to funding through the Heinz Endowments Summer Youth Philanthropy Program of a proposal titled Pedals and Pedestrians.

MBBPC will guide the Borough, neighboring Municipalities, advocates and detractors alike through the design and implementation process of establishing a safe shared roadway for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorized vehicle operators. With the main focuses of the MBBPC being policy, implementation, education and input we feel that our plan addresses short term needs with a sustainable vision toward the future of creating trail users and advocates to evaluate and continually educate and expand user base and trail outreach.


  • Chair: Katherine Schuler, Millvale
  • Vice-Chair: Tom Walker, Millvale Community Development Corporation
  • Zaheen Hussain, Millvale Sustainability Coordinator
  • Joe McLaughlin, Shaler
  • Brian Wolovich, Millvale Borough Council
  • Natalie Stewart, Millvale



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